EU Magee of Donegal exhibition

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 22 Aug 2015 until 31 Aug 2015
Time: All Day
Europe Direct Centre: Letterkenny Library
Location: Central Library letterkenny

Event Description

An exhibition on the world famous Magee of Donegal. Donegal tweed is recognizable and Magee tweed has been used by many of the leading European fashion houses. Magee is currently in the process of applying for geographical indication from the European parliament. Library staff gave talks about the exhibition and its application for EU geographical indication. Weaving Donegal tweed is a very skilled craft developed over centuries of experience by the people of Donegal and is intrinsically linked to the culture and make up of the county, this skill and culture is currently being endangered and greatly eroded by lowcost imitations.
Naturally the high cost basis of the western world makes labour intensive manufacturing such as weaving very challenging without the added sales & protection of EU authenticity a guarantee to the consumer. Almost 3000 people viewed the exhibition over the week.