Europe Day in Mallow EDIC

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 7 May 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Mallow Library
Location: Event Centre

Event Description

Ireland’s place in Europe:

Europe Day this year will be a celebration of Ireland’s place in Europe through a variety of exhibitions and events.

The day will begin with the unveiling of two exhibitions – one a photographic journey through the highlights of Mallow EDIC’s past events, the other an art display created by local children which explores various aspects of the EU – from the countries that make up the community, to its currency, symbols and history. A member of the EDIC staff will then give a presentation on Ireland’s participation in the EU, tracing our shared history from 1972 onwards with an emphasis on the many improvements that have accrued from membership from how we work, travel and shop to the quality of our environment, our opportunities for learning and the way our businesses buy and sell their goods and services.

The presentation will be followed by a magic show at 11.30 for all the family, especially our younger European citizens.

EDIC staff will also be on hand throughout the day to answer any queries.

There will be another event in Mitchelstown library, featuring an information display of past EDIC events as well as a number of art displays created by local children around the theme of Ireland’s place in the EU. There will also be workshops for children in the morning between 11.30 and 1 and in the afternoon from 3-4.30. The children will be encouraged to make one of the 28 different national flags of the various countries which make up the EU and these flags will then be displayed for a number of weeks in the library. EDIC staff will also give a short presentation on Ireland’s participation in the EU, the work undertaken by the EDIC network and the information available for all citizens through the EDIC network.