European themed National Play Day events!

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 6 Jul 2013
Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Sligo Library
Location: Event Centre

Event Description

There are two National Play Day events with a european theme organized for Saturday July 6th 2013, one takes place in Sligo Central Library whilst the other will be held in Ballymote Community Library.


Simone Schümmelfeder, a German storyteller will host a storytelling session in Sligo Central Library.  It starts at 11.45am and will last approx 45 minutes.  Simone intends to tell a number of European stories and give a bit of information about the countries the stories are from as well.  She intends to use a Kamishibai – a small table theatre, which you can put pictures into,, it looks a bit like a TV, and she will use pictures of the different countries and let the children guess which country it is. Simone will include stories from Croatia as it will be joining the EU as the 28th country on July 1st 2013. 

Laura Brett will conduct a Euro Child workshop in Ballymote Community Library starting at 10am also on July 6th, similar to the one held in Tubbercurry to celebrate Europe Day. (Tubbercurry EDIC previously held two Eurochild Art and Poetry workshops over the course of the day on May 9th. These were a great success with the attending students enjoying the very exciting and informative workshops.)