European Year of Development Action Day : Celebrating the best news stories

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 17 Sep 2015
Time: All Day
Europe Direct Centre: Blanchardstown Library
Location: Event Centre

Event Description

Event: The World’s Best News Newspaper 2015 as part of the European Year for Development Action Day


Europe Direct Blancahrdstown in partnership with Dóchas will be launching The World’s Best News newspaper 2015 as part of the European Year for Development Action Day.

On the day there will be free newspapers  to spread the good news that development is working. The newspaper will share inspiring stories from around the world of people who are making a real difference in the pursuit of global justice and the eradication of poverty. On September 17th, join the thousands of people around Ireland who are getting involved in this celebration.

Come into Blanchardstown Library and pick up your free newspaper on the Best News Stories and check out our exhibition in the Europe Direct Centre on the European Year of Development. You can check out the good news stories on

What is The World’s Best News? 

The World Best News initiative is a news information service which was started by Irish overseas aid agencies to draw attention to the positive and unusual stories from developing countries that don’t make it to the mainstream news, or which don’t receive much coverage.The aim of the news service is to change the perception of developing countries by highlighting these stories and so show the progress that is being made towards the eradication of poverty and hunger. 

What is the European Year of Development?  

Every year, the European Union (EU) chooses a topic for a campaign in order to make the European citizens, as well as the national governments, aware of a specific issue. The main objective of the European Year for Development is to inform the European citizens as well as national governments about the development cooperation of the EU and its member states and to encourage the direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest of citizens in global issues to show that each one of us can be a change maker in our daily lives and can have a positive impact.

As the world’s biggest aid donor, and as one of the world’s biggest trade blocks, trhe European Union is a big influence on global development.  For this reason, and because much of Ireland’s foreign policy is shaped by EU decisions, Irish NGOs take an active interest in the EU’s “external policies”. The Dóchas webset lists a  number of key decisions will be made this year which will shape our future: