Introduction to Mindfulness

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 2 Mar 2017 until 6 Apr 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 7:30 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Nenagh Library
Location: Event Centre

Event Description

To promote Life, Work balance Dundalk EDIC will run a six week course from Thursday 2nd March to Thursday 6th April. This course will be given by Xhale speaker Ann Ward and will promote finding a healthy balance between work, life and family.

Throughout the duration of the course, participants will learn about:

The many physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of mindfulness meditation.
The link between mindfulness meditation and personal development.
The link between meditation and stress management and the scientific evidence to support the practice.

A range of engagement tools will be utilised to encourage participation within the sessions. These will include group discussion around the weekly topics and individual and group activities, the use of film, images, music and objects, personal reflections, goal setting and development of affirmations and sensory development.