Jumping Clay workshops

Event Information

Date: 17 Feb 2015
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Sligo Library
Location: Ballymote Library

Event Description

Class learning how to use Jumping Clay

                 Class learning how to use Jumping Clay


Ballymote Library, as part of the Europe Direct Programme, will be hosting 3 workshop sessions in the use of Jumping Clay, where children from the local school will produce, in a fun setting, various models. This exciting new process is seen very much as an enabler in the educational environment.

Jim Daly, based in Tuam, Co. Galway, runs The Republic of Ireland’s only Jumping Clay academy. Jumping Clay provides a hands-on learning tool through the use of the wonderful clay products. Manipulatives like these have been utilised for many years in educational environment. Research around the world, at many different levels confirms that using a manipulative as an educational tool, helps increase achievement across the board. Findings suggest that there is a significant increase in the following:

•Verbalising thinking

•Discussing concepts & ideas

•Concentration levels

•Enhanced spatial awareness by use of a 3-Dimensional medium

•Relating real world situations to educational symbolism

•Collaborative working among peers

•Divergent thinking finding many solutions to a single problem

•Creative expression

•Taking ownership of the learning experience

•Gain confidence in their own abilities

The use of JumpingClay as your chosen manipulative, alongside the specially developed educational programmes will also help to:

•Relax the participants

•Improve fine motor skills

•Enhance memory retention

•Develop hand-eye coordination

•Increase their artistic skill

•And of course have fun at the same time!

Using a hands-on learning approach to teaching both in the classroom and in an extended environment not only helps student grasp and retain concepts with ease. It makes the entire teaching process more effective.

Jim will be visiting Ballymote Library on Tuesday 17th February running 3 Jumping Clay workshops from 9.45 am, where children will be using clay to support recent work on an Environmental Project.

For further information contact Jim Horan, jimhoran@sligococo.ie / 071 9111721.



Models made

Models made