Brussels – "Like a Tree" photographic exhibition by Luc Teper of the Paul Hankar Institute, Brussels

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 3 Apr 2014 until 30 Apr 2014
Time: All Day
Europe Direct Centre: Mallow Library
Location: Mallow Library

Event Description


Mallow Library EDIC are delighted to welcome Cork County Mayor, Noel O’Connor to  launch the “Like a Tree” photographic exhibition on Thursday April 3rd 2014 at 11.30am in Mallow Library. This exhibition of photographs  by Luc Teper of the Paul Hankar Institute of Brussels, will be on display in  Mallow Library until April 30th 2014.

The “Like a Tree” exhibition presents the Brussels Capital Region in a unique perspective showing trees and nature against a backdrop of its architectural heritage of urban planning. The photographic exhibition is by Luc Teper of the Paul Hankar Institute of Brussels. The photographs were taken over a 2 year period and the project is truly a labour of love by Luc showing the richness and the so often’ taken for granted value’ of trees in our local environments. The contrasts, natural beauty and use of light are stunning and will certainly leave you with a lasting impression of the need and desire to plant a tree in your garden or in your local park or indeed protect it!

This exhibition is curated by ‘The Gallery Kinsale’ under the auspices of the Irish in Europe Association, on the back of the very successful exhibition in Brussels at Halles Saint Gery.

Luc Teper has taken his photographs of trees in Brussels over a two year period catching their beauty from the early morning till the late evening & it is an exercise well worthwhile when you see the exhibition he has brought before us. Brussels is considered to be a green city where trees are a key esthetical part of the urban landscape enhancing the quality of life for its inhabitants, just as it is in Cork.