Mysterious Myths and Legends in Europe

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 9 Jul 2014 until 30 Jul 2014
Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Nenagh Library
Location: Event Centre

Event Description

Ardee Library will host a series of four-week workshops entitled “Mysterious Myths and Legends in Europe”.
All workshops will be Europe-themed and the below is an outline of what is planned.

Week 1: What is inside Pandora’s Box?
Activity: Paint, collage & decoupage a shoe box
European Location: Greece

Our first stop is Greece and read together the story of Pandora’s box. We will paint and decorate our box. Afterwards we will cut out some interesting patterns and motifs to decoupage on our own mysterious Pandora’s Box. What secrets will be concealed inside?

Week 2: Ahhh it’s The Dragon of Krakow!
Activity: Design a sculpture and execute in clay
European location: Poland

We visit Poland, look back in time at the history and learn how a dragon held the residents of a small village on Wawel Hill were held in fear. Until one day someone came up with a solution. Can you imagine how the dragon appeared? Lets design our own fearsome dragons and sculpt them in clay.

Week 3: A whole gang of Golems
Activity: Design and colour some cartoon Golems and make some matching accessories – formed card baseball hats and keyrings.
Paint dry clay dragon sculpture in Acrylic and varnish

Next stop is the Czech Republic to meet some very strange creatures….The Golems! Lets cartoon some wacky Golems and make them into some unusual art you can wear!

Week 4: Finn Mac Cool & The Giants Causeway
Activity: Painting on canvas
European Location: Ireland

Back home to Ireland where we all sketch a giant map plotting the movements of the giants and understand how the weird and wonderful geography of our country was formed? Paint a canvas board inspired by the giants and the basalt landscape of the Causeway.