Once upon a christmas time….. European Christmas Folktales

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 17 Dec 2013
Time: 10:45 am - 12:15 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Mallow Library
Location: Scoil Ghobnatan

Event Description

Have you ever heard of Befana the Christmas witch?
Well Italy’s traditional Christmas celebration includes tales of a witch known as La Befana who arrives on her broomstick during the night of January 5th in search of the Christ Child and fills kids’ stockings with sweets for all the good children and places lumps of coal in the stockings of the bad ones. (Children take special note.)

Have you ever heard of Nisse the mischievous elf that plays tricks on people during Christmas time?
Well during Christmas in Denmark, the mischievous Danish elf, Nisse, plays pranks on people. Nisse lives in old farmhouses and wears gray woollen clothes, a red bonnet, stockings and white clogs.  Nisse generally helps people on the farm and is very good with children, but is known to plays jokes during the Christmas season, especially if families don’t leave a bowl of rice pudding out for him

On  Tuesday December 17th  Simone Schuemmelfeder from Storygate will entertain the children of Mallow  with Christmas tales from around Europe.