Science Week: Atlantic Corridor Fame Lab Winners

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 13 Nov 2015
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Portlaoise Library
Location: Mountmellick Library

Event Description

In order to promote science, technology, engineering and maths in our everyday lives and to demonstrate their importance in the development of Irish Society and the recovery of the economy. Mountmellick Europe Direct were delighted to invite the transition year students of Mountmellick Europe Direct to Mountmellick Library for a session by the FameLab winners.  FameLab is a communications competition designed to engage and entertain by breaking down science, technology and engineering concepts into concise three minute presentations. Contestants take part armed only with their wits and a few props resulting in an unpredictable, enlightening and exciting way to encourage your curiosity and find out about the latest research. Students were encouraged to get involved in the show, with the power to judge the contestants. Winners were decided based on accurate and well-balanced content, the clarity of their communication and the presence of charisma. The result of the presentations was an increased interest and understanding of the place of science and technology in our lives. Students also gained an understanding of how valuable science is and how interesting it is to use science in our daily lives.