Science is Rising: Science Week Fitness Challenge Roadshow

Event Information

Date: 16 Nov 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Letterkenny Library
Location: Errigal College Letterkenny

Event Description

This workshop was part of Science Week and encouraged second level school children to measure & look after their fitness levels & health, while looking at how scientific principles affect their health.

The workshop involved participants undertaking five interactive physical activity challenges. These challenges were focused at providing participants with an understanding of key scientific principles relating to physical activity. Equipement was set up in Errigal College, Letterkenny gymnasium & the workshops were facilitated by Paul Quinn BSc Sports Science, PGCE.

1)  A laser gate ten meter sprint challenge investigated speed and acceleration.

2)  An inflatable speed cage assessed kicking speed in MPH

3)  A Watt Bike Anaerobic Endurance challenge looked at the relationship between peak power output and average out put

4)  The vertical jump challenge investigated explosive power and hang time

The workshop  demonstrated a number of scientific principles relevant to each challenge and provided each participant with a recording sheet and account of the challenges undertaken.

3 groups of  around 20 young adults took part in 3 separate challenges. A total of 64 in all

These events addressed EU Horizon 2020 goals of stimulating Science career take up as well as EU Health promotion among young people goals.