Tales from Riverside Farm: Introducing the Farm Safety Circle with Agri kids and Author Alma Jordan

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 21 Oct 2015
Time: 10:15 am - 12:45 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Blanchardstown Library
Location: Event Centre

Event Description

Events: Tales from the Riverside Farm: looking at the Farm Safety Circle with Agri Kids and author Alma Jordan.

Venue: Blanchardstown  Library


Author Alma Jordan will tell tales from her series of books from the Riverside Farm, The Tree Swing and The Big Brown Bull. Alma in her story sessions will discuss Farm Safety and introduce the Farm Safety Circle.

Fields – warning signs              Slurry – leave it be                         Chemicals – Know the signs

Animals  they can bite!           ATV’s – wear helmets                     Injury – first Aid

Roads – Safe Cross code!          Farm Yards- never alone            Rivers – behind the fence!

Machinery – Keep back!          Electricity – nasty Shock              Climbing – prevent falls!

                                                            Tractors – stay away                     Learn – ask at home!

                                                            You – be alert!                                 Elderly farmers – keep an eye


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Agri Kids: Be farm Safe: Stay Farm Safe:  www.agrikids.ie