The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty: What is TTIP? Public Debate

Event Information

Date: 13 Nov 2015
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Letterkenny Library
Location: Central Library Letterkenny

Event Description

The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership negotiations between the EU and US have stimulated much debate and conjecture both within the EU institutions and in the public domain. Anti treaty groups are very active especially on social media with emotive and sometimes frightening slogans and pronouncements on TTIP. Hard facts on the treaty itself are difficult to access as the process and agreements are not made public. EDIC Donegal & Gaeltacht decided to arrange this public debate because we felt that an open, balanced discussion/information evening on the treaty was needed, to raise the treaty & the issues involved in a calm, constructive manner.
The panel consisted of two speakers for the treaty, Minister Joe McHugh and MEP Mairead McGuinness plus two against, MEP Matt Carthy and IMPACT North West’s Richy Corruthers, Chair for the evening was Daniel Browne from Ocean FM.
The debate was every bit as emotive and lively as we expected. Members of the public were divided into those against, some for and most who had concerns around the agreements being made. The secrecy surrounding negotiations added to these concerns.
What was accomplished on the night was a platform for the panel & audience to air their own views on the treaty and this exchange of views was constructive in giving all present more information and giving the MEPs a good idea of what public feeling & concerns are.
Since the debate, the ‘secret room’ which housed all TTIP documents has been opened to MEPs & this was one of the issues highlighted in the debate.

On the day of the debate EDIC manager arranged for MEPs Mairead McGuinness and Matt Carthy to debate TTIP and highlight the event on local Highland Radio station. They spoke for aopprox 30 minutes.

All present on the night were very happy with this event and EDIC was congratulated by all for making it happen.