Your Europe France: Second in Extended series of workshops April

Europe Direct
Event Information

Date: 13 Apr 2016
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Europe Direct Centre: Letterkenny Library
Location: Central Library Letterkenny

Event Description

This is the second in an extended series of workshops during the month of April, where we examine the history of France within the EU.
These began with the earliest days of the EU with Jean Monnet, the inspiration behind the ‘Schuman Plan’ and Robert Schuman one of the founding fathers of EU unity who published the internationally known ‘Schuman Plan’ on 9 May 1950, celebrated today as the birthdate of the European Union.
The workshops highlight the main treaties and events to date.

The extended series also received an information pack on President Juncker’s 10 point plan which is brought into the weekly discussions. Each week a different point of the plan is discussed. This week discussed the issue of Climate Change as workshops on these issues took place in EDIC this month.
In addition the workshops looked at French language, food and culture to bring local Donegal people a little closer to their EU neighbours in France. The workshops are all facilitated by EDIC manager in partnership with Francophile and language teacher Dolores Frances.

EDIC Letterkenny will sponsor a competition on the EU at the end of these workshops.