Failte Isteach – A warm welcome was given to the Europe Direct Particpants of our Citizens Intergration Classes by the Mayor of Fingal Kieran Dennision

Failte Isteach – Welcome 

On Friday the 2nd of May, the Mayor of Fingal Kieran Dennison presented Certificates of Participation to all the students who attended the Europe Direct Failte Isteach classes in Ongar and Tyrrelstown Community Centres.

Fáilte Isteach is a community project with volunteers welcoming new migrants through conversational English, citizenship and integration classes. Fáilte Isteach works at breaking down the barriers that migrants and communities face by extending goodwill through the practical, welcoming and inclusive manner in which the programme is delivered. The Fáilte Isteach programme is listed on the EU website for Integration as best practice in its field and as a project that is adaptable to any EU country.

Recently at the Mayor of Fingal Economic Conference, Professor Thomas Cooney commented that “Migrant communities have huge untapped potential for entrepreneurship and international trade in Ireland”  this sentiment is endorsed through the European agenda for Integration. To increase economic, social, cultural and political participation of migrants the European Agenda for Integration places significant priority on action at local level. This highlights the importance of the Europe Direct Failte Isteach and Fingal Libraries partnership within the community.

The Mayor of Fingal Kiernan Dennison in his address to the group reminded each of them “as citizens of Ireland and the EU, they have a chance to let their voice be heard and to contribute to their new community by exercising their right to vote in the up-coming elections on the 23rd of May”. The mayor was joined by the manager of the Europe Direct Centre Blanchardstown Susan Lovatt  and the Failte Isteach tutors Michelle O’ Carroll, Deirdre Collins and Oksana Ma Callion  and organisers Eillen McCormack and Raife Costigan in presenting the certificates. Light refreshments were provided after the presentation.

For more information Contact Susan Lovatt – 01-8905578/ 087-1122125